Oh Milledeaux how we Love Thee

Oh Milledeaux how we Love Thee

Oh Milledeaux how we Love Thee

We have recently restocked our darling Milledeaux accessories and really want to highlight them. We have carried them in our shop since the beginning of Itsy Bitsy. I made a stand to just carry one brand of hair accessories and Milledeux became a customer favorite for top quality. They are our go-to hair accessory brand.

Their Story

As a family owned business out of Denmark, Sofie Anderson (woman owned!) saw a huge problem in the hair accessory industry: metal clips containing too much nickel, and hair-damaging clamps. So, they set out to only use nickel free metal, certified OEKO-TEX® ribbon and only hairstylist-grade alligator clips with no teeth. Not only do they have the largest variety in styles, colors and texture, they also offer two collections containing authentic Liberty of London fabric. 

Our Collection

We currently carry small, medium and large boutique bows in a variety of colors. For tiny coiffeurs we have small bowtie bows and baby bow headbands. For our precious ballerina’s we carry a perfectly pretty ballerina set! For our tweens, and moms too, we have Milledeaux hair ties for ponytail days. 



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