Dondolo has combined the best cotton in the world with elegant an classic designs to create an extraordinary luxury children's line. Each piece of clothing is carefully made with a mother's love by single mothers in Colombia. Dondolo, the Italian word meaning to sing wobble or rock got its name because babies love the winging motion and just as a sing has two motions, so does Dondolo. For every garment sold, Dondolo gives one away to a child in need because spreading love is our main purpose.


When you purchase our high quality, pima cotton clothing, you are doing so much more than giving your child a timeless look. You are providing jobs to single mothers in Colombia, who stitch the clothing by hand. Through our unique business model, you are wrapping the world in warmth. Proceeds from sales through Dondolo provides articles of clothing to children in Colombia who are deeply in need of its warmth and protection.